Why and What

  To follow blogging 101’s first task, I’m writing this blog to explain my blog’s ‘why’ and ‘what’.

The reason I blog is I feel strongly to express my opinion and I am willing to exchange life experiences and interpret inner thoughts with like-minded people around me or total strangers. By doing so I hope I can find what I seek in life – work skills, family unity, kids happiness, friendship, and most importantly mindfullness. 

Therefore my topic here are based on working women, family life, travel experiences, friends gathering, yoga practice, as well as books and other blogs that interest me. 

If I have persistently blogged throughout the year, I hope I can make some new friends and maybe step up a next level on blogging or achieve some commercial sense. 

About Working mum Kitty

My name is Kitty Smith, Working Mum Kitty is about my family journey, my pursuit in professional productivity, my study on ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management), my interests in Usborne books for children, yoga practice and our family holiday reviews. Sign up my free newsletter to get more from me!

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  1. You sound like a delightful multi-tasker! Thank you for sharing your story and thoughts about work, kids, and finding balance. I hope this year of blogging is a wonderful experience for you, and that you continue to share your opinion and potentially inspire many others. All the best!

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