What’s wrong with my Chilli Con Carne?

As a working mum, just for one day, I’m trying to make an effort for my kids, well it all turned out to be a little something else rather than satisfaction…
Arranged to get home early, put the electric cooker on, so by the time I picked up kids, food will be ready waiting for them. At the time the food were put in front of them, question started:


‘Why is the potato tasting so weird?’ Asked my 9 years old daughter.
‘That’s because it’s not potato’ I said.
‘What is it then?’ She followed right through.
‘It’s called swede, a kind of vegetables’, I said plainly with deliberate calm tone.
‘What is swede?’ Yet again.
Steam started rising from my head, ‘I just SAID – it’s swede, it’s swede, you just need to remember the name…’
Before I even finished, words burst out ‘I can’t remember that, and I don’t like it!’
Woo great, think about mummy’s effort – my inner voice says to me ‘this is the result of you trying to make an effort getting your kids eating healthy!!! You should know this already. Don’t expect any gratification from your kids!’
On the other hand, my 3 years old boy was eating almost all without a complaint. So that means it’s not me, it’s not me! That’s nothing wrong with my Chilli Con Carne!!!
Mum’s moaning over and done!

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