What is parenting

  Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, financial, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. 

Physical – being children’s basic needs. Need for food, nutrition, clothing and accessories. In my opinion most parents are capable of meeting this demand of their children.

Emotional – being children’s inner feeling: sadness, happiness, fearfulness etc. How much parents can guide their kids’ emotional life, is very largely depends on children’s own temperament. Some parents find it easier than others when they have a typical compliance child. 

Social – being children’s ability to keep a healthy relationship with family, friends and others. A tricky one for parents, I personal find it hard to help and influence a child’s social with all type of children around. Some parents go the extreme to changing school for their kids, others teach their children to go along or keep a distance with the ‘troubled’ ones. 

Financial – any monetary requirement in relation to children’s upbringing. Parents can only do what they can afford to, it will be a tragic to see parents go extend to get into debt trying to provide the ‘best of best’. Is that really necessary and what it actually teaches our children to do when they grew up? 

Intellectual – this referring to how parents can influence their children in gaining knowledge and skills to prepare themselves to their adulthood. This is probably the most talking topic amongst parents – how well has your child done at school? Yet there are totally the opposite opinion that kids should be home-schooled. Either way, I always wonder what is the measure to determine a child was successfully brought up or being badly influenced by this part of parenting…

Anyway, here is my New Year thinking about parenting! Understanding is always the first step! 

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