So This Is Christmas

I love Christmas. Not because I get to a few days off from work, can stay with family or get some presents, the joy of Christmas are abundant! 

Starting from the nation are all dressed up! The town centre, the office and the neighbourhood! Everywhere you go, there are lights the shape of Santa Clause, reindeer, jingle bells etc, etc. So cheerful even think about the effort people putting in to make such festive scene! It reminded me when I was in China the celebration of Chinese New Year. Red lanterns, wealth-giving character posters, and celebration banners (Dui Lian) are seen everywhere, everyone is in a festive mood in conversation. I love that warm atmosphere. Christmas reminded those festive memories. 


Then there’s the preparation of kids’ ‘Father Christmas presents’! When I was first explained about the Christmas tradition how parents were to ‘remember’ their kids ‘wish list’ from Santa, and secretly fulfil the mission, which results in devastation at a later stage the kids realising ‘Santa is not real’. I felt it was adult fairy tale first, then seeing the amazement of my kids talking about what Father Christmas would bring, I started to appreciate the tradition. Parents want the best for their kids, even it means going lengths to prepare the exciting moment. A friend told me she took a picture with her phone of her kids’ wish list, going through many shops to get everything what they wanted. Lucky none of her kids want the moon from the sky, which would be a really challenge for the mother! Another friend has written a letter ‘from Santa’ praising her kid’s achievement during the year and gave really why a real pet is not allowed to be have as a present! What a clever idea! (I’d better to learn some from that) Also think about the joy it brings to the parents talking about this over Christmas! 

Also there’s the spoil moment of gifts giving. My kids are lucky to have a few gifts giving sessions. As there are presents given by friends at home in England, there are also gifts from Scottish grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle and cousins. It always give the wonderful moment of 5 exciting kids (2 kids drone mine and 3 from sister-in-law’s) eagerly source their presents, putting in a pile and can’t-wait-the-moment to open them. The joy, the excitement, the imagining of how to work out a new toy just creates such a scene – what I would call ‘happiness’. I’m so happy for my kids to be living in such a peaceful country that they have no idea of starvation, homelessness and being under territist attack. (Obviously not to mention the warning recently after Paris’ attack) And I’d go to a church to pray that day would never come to my children. Kids are also very luck to have a wonderful grandma who is a great game organiser, kids always get a game or two after the excitement (chaos scene of wrapping paper as well), pass the parcel being one of them, or music status if all kids are in the mood. 

 Our usual Christmas trip to Scotland is due to husband’s Glasgow origin. For the last few years, we have started the routine as Christmas Day morning Santa gifts opening at home, then get-on-the-road to Scotland and have a typical Scotch Xmas meal for tea. The two and half hour trip up north is always a perfect opportunity for me and hubby to reflect the highlight moments of the year and the admiration of the Scottish scenery. 


This year, we particular arranged to stay at one of the hotels in Edinburgh, and got to go to Edinburgh Christmas Market at Princes Garden. What a splendid market trip! I almost used up all my phone memories to take pictures. Here are a few shots. 

 Here is to Christmas! I would like to express my gratitude to all make my Christmas special and loving. This is a festive and exciting time for all families and friends, wish you all had a great time and looking forwards to the New Year! 

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