Santa has been…

Santa has been… have you had an exciting Christmas Day morning? We certainly have! Apart from the fact kids woke up many times that we thought we could never sneak in Santa’s stocking presents!
11pm – daughter B (10-yr-old) woke up
“Why aren’t you going to bed and watching TV downstairs? It’s not fair you two (myself and hubby) get to stay up and see Santa coming in with presents!!! I want to stay up, too!”

Holding up from giggling, I said “Santa will ONLY come when he sees the kids in the family are already asleep, if you don’t go to bed, Santa might not come at all!”
“Ok then”, she gave up and went back to bed.
Yes I win! I thought (Not quite yet though…)

1am – I was in bed for half an hour and  left hubby to sort out Santa business later, B woke up again and came into my room and said “mum, why hasn’t Santa been yet? And Daddy fell asleep on the couch already????”

“No darling, daddy just fell asleep a little while, he would come to bedroom very soon, then Santa will come after you are asleep.” Reassured me and telling myself be cool be cool the same time.

“Ok then, I’ll go to bed”, said B. But I’m thinking at the back of my head, Santa can’t come for another good hour yet, or B would see everything with her eyes peeping through her cover!

1.30am – hubby came in and confessed that it was impossible to stay awake to wait for B to fall asleep…. O dear, what are we going to do?! Just have to wait…

3am – hubby was about to get out of bed to fulfil Santa duty, and guess what? Child no. 2 M came to our bedroom rubbing his eyes “mummy can I come to your bed please?”

“Huh ok come on in then!” How can I say no on Xmas Eve to my son? The same time, hubby was laughing out loud on the other side of the bed. I had to hush him quite so boy M can quickly settle to sleep…

Then it goes on like this:

4am hubby tried again, but heard notices from M then stopped again.

5am last try, I was also widely awake listening to any noises from both kids. “Please please don’t don’t wake up any of you…”! After some up and down and an attempt to keep it as quiet as possible, it’s done! My pray actually worked! Thanks God!!!

Santa’s stocking was filled up, daddy could settle for some sleep finally! A sense of relief for me as well!

The poor quality sleep was compensated by the big smile on their faces when they discovered their Santa presents in the morning 8am!

“This is the best day ever”, claimed daughter B. “I like my helicopter- thank you Santa”, said M.

Hope your Xmas Eve is not as dramatic as mine, share your stories below if you have an interesting one, happy Christmas to you all!

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