Busy February and March!

February and March have been such busy month for me. Thought I really need to tell everyone my busy schedules the fun time I had with my friends, kids and family!

Month of February 


February is my birthday month – sigh, another year older, nothing like a kid’s excitement when it’s his/her birthday, just hoping people do not squeeze to get me to tell my age… then followed by comments like ‘you look REALLY good for your age’! Enough the sympathy, I just don’t like to be reminded of my age that’s the truth. I didn’t do anything fancy on the actual day of my birthday, just took a day off on the day, enjoyed the luxury of dropping off kids at their classroom and managed to pop in an exaggerating smiling face to the teacher. Typical working mum guilty syndrome all over… I’ll stop here, otherwise it will be the kids or work talk again, the never ending working mum’s dilemma! Anyway, on my own birthday, I just really enjoyed the moment of fulfilling a mum duty that otherwise not possible on a normal working day for me…… Then on the Friday evening, I had a lovely meal with my dearest friends at Frankie and Benny‘s. Cocktail on offer – Hooray to my dearest friends! What do you do for your birthday? I’d love to hear your story about how to celebrate your birthday – just to give me some more ideas! Please leave your comments below to let me know!

birthday cocktail, Feb birthday
Birthday cocktail!



Then there’s the excuse to visit my in-laws in Scotland because of my birthday. Kids are always looking forward to see their cousins in Scotland. When my kids and their 3 cousins gathering together, 3 girls and 2 boys are always having so much giggling about everything! It’s so lovely to see the kids having a lot of fun but it also makes every departure a difficult one as they are so fond of each other’s company. This time round, grandma Maggi suggested a swimming fun at the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton Strathclyde. What a lovely hotel! Even though my favorite hotel is under the MacDonald group that not only I had my 40th birthday there, we also booked in a MacDonald resort in Malaga, Spain! But Double Tree by Hilton is a good one, particularly the nice pool with Jacuzzi and sauna room along side the facility. It provides plenty of way to play with kids as well as a chance to enjoy yourself!

Double Tree Hilton Hotel Strathclyde
Swimming pool and jacuzzi hot tub


Having lunch with grandma!



As a charity volunteer, I devote some of my time to NCT (National Childbirth Trust) Preston, Fylde and District branch on a regular basis. I organise a group called NCT Stay and Play Group. It welcomes all parents, grandparents and carers alike with their kids to join in. The February group was taken place at Ham and Jam Cafe, a very family/kids friendly cafe located in the city centre of Preston. This month we were lucky to have a face-painter coming along and lending a hand to the group. She’s from from a local kids holiday club business called The Nest. My son M is sooo happy to have his face painted. Theme?! Ehhh just a green robot will do!

NCT, robot face, facepaint
I have a robot face!

Book of the Month

February is also a book reading month! I was very happy that I finished a book – Water Witch by Carol Goodman. This is the 2nd book in The Fairwick Chronicles Series. It was recommended by a friends of mine, although it has an incubus as the centre of the story, who is a demon creature by nature praying on women to fall in love with him so he can turn into human shape. The whole story is rather romantic as Callie (the Water Witch) discovered herself really fall in love with him and he was willing to sacrifice his life for her in the end (ops, hope I didn’t ruin this for you for those who still want to read it yourself!) In the story there’s also a fairyland – Fay that Callie found out that she is the door keeper between the human world and the Fay. Creatures good or evil all played an important part in the story. I truly enjoyed this book and hope you would give it try here as well!

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Month of March


Through hard work and sheer determinations, 5 dedicated women volunteers (including myself) successfully delivered the charity NCT Sales (we called it Newly New Sales – NNS) on 11th March. The sales provides all parents and carers alike the opportunity to buy quality ‘nearly new’ children items, from clothing to toy, from cot bed to pram system and so on and on. We had about 100 sellers happily sent their items to sell at our NNS and an overwelming 250 buys turned up on the day. The chair lady Kate stayed almost 10 hours from the begining to the end. The sales generated about £3000 pounds of sales and 25% of the profit went to the NCT Headquarter! Well-done to all the ladies Kate, Emma, Natalie and Lorren, of course there’s myself. I managed to sell cupcake and hot/cold drink at the sales and raised £88 within 1 hour and half! Hooray!

Sadly our NCT Preston, Fylde and District branch is losing its chair ladies and facing closure after many years of hard work. The branch is still seeking for a new chair volunteer (until 1/05/2017) to take over and if you are interested please contact the branch’s Facebook page here!

charity sales, NCT, newly new sales
NCT cake sale


Hobby Craft

March is also a month running up to the preparation to Easter. I have discovered Hobby Craft has so many decoration and craft idea for Easter! They also have a ‘100s of lines at £1‘ sales on right now. I have got myself plenty of supply for kids’ to do their craft this Easter holiday break! Looking forward to the crafty fun! My girl B is always fond of making things, I also found their Easter bunny making a particular art project for her. Find out from their website and give it a try yourself!

Easter, bunny making
Easter Bunny Making
Easter craft for <a href='http://amzn.to/2EXL6Do' target='_blank'><figcaption class=kids" width="300" height="173" srcset="https://www.workingmumkitty.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/EasterCraftsForKids-1201-300x173.jpg 300w, https://www.workingmumkitty.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/EasterCraftsForKids-1201.jpg 540w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" /> Easter Crafts for Kids

ILM Course

Another thing worth mentioning here is I had a huge relief that I completed one of the biggest tasks I have to do for my ILM NVQ course. Phew! ILM is short for Institute of Leadership and Management. I feel extremely proud to be part of this and is studying toward a valuable qualification awarded by this reputable institute. Delivered by Preston College as an apprentice program, I will gain a Qualification on Principle of Leadership and Management as well as a NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management, double awards that’s the bonus! Although writing thousands of word on assignment isn’t exactly a fun task, I found the group discussion gives me so much inside about management! A guy called Garry told us how bad management could nearly cost him an electrocution death sentence -what the heck! Yep management IS really important in his company that’s for sure! Then again, I had to stand in front of the tutor to give presentation using the PowerPoint file I created myself, reciting all the words and try not script reading, a total challenge for me! I enjoyed the experience, particularly released when I received a few ‘good pass’ on the feedback mark sheet. Hours of practice has eventually paid off!

If you are interested in management theory or simply interested to know what ILM is about, please get in touch here, I will send you my PowerPoint presentation to you as a free resource, all you need to do is to get in touch and let me have your feedback!

ILM, leadership, management
ILM – Institute of Leadership and Management

Windermere Treetop Nets

We have been to Brockholes Windermere a few times, but never tried Treetop Nets until this March. It happened to be one of the rainy days, yet the kids enjoyed the 3-meter high up play in the trees (rain wasn’t heavy and stopped eventually!). According to their website, they are a UK first treetop adventure. Adults and children alike can all play in the walls of netting up and down the slide, kicking a ball or two, chasing around each other without any safety hazard. In the past when we came to Brockholes Windermere, most of the activities we do are walk around garden and the little children park. This is because most of the activities here are adventurous and targeting to older age children or adult. This is the first time M could join in as Treetop Nets accepts kids from age of 3 and above, so he pretty much enjoyed the ‘big kids’ game this time!


Mother’s Day 

Last but not the least it’s about my Mother’s Day Sunday. I had a well-attempted ‘serving-mum-breakfast-in-bed’ style treat from my 10-year-old daughter B. Never mind fairy cake for breakfast, I got buttered toasts made by B herself with no help from daddy, plus some nice chocolate flower buds and a lovely heart-shaped balloon with a bear mum and a bear kid! Only my 4-year-old son M was too eager to ‘try’ the flower buds, that he forgot to leave one for his big sister… ‘all tried and they taste good’ he told B!!!(I was trying very hard not to laugh out loud…)

How’s your Mother’s Day Sunday? Would love to hear about your treat! Please leave your comments below.

Mother's day, chocolate flower
Mother’s day treat


That’s it from me now, hopefully I will be back here soon to tell you all about my Easter!


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